Test Bank Victimology 3rd Edition Wallace

Test Bank Victimology 3rd Edition Wallace

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Test Bank Victimology 3rd Edition Wallace

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and History of Victimology
2. Measurement of Crime and Its Effects
3. The Consequences of Victimization
4. Empowering Victims
5. Homicide Victims
6. Females as Victims
7. Intimate Partner Abuse
8. Child Victims
9. Elder Victims
10. Hate Crimes
11. Special Victim Populations
12. An Overview of the Criminal Justice System
13. Civil Court Proceedings and Victims
14. Negligence and Intentional Torts
15. Constitutional and Civil Rights of Victims
16. Compensation and Restitution of Victims
17. Victim Impact Statements
18. International Aspects of Victimology


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This student-friendly, easy-to-read text covers the entire field of victimology. Fully updated to reflect the latest trends, it reflects the field’s growing focus on the entire victim-offender relationship, while taking a global perspective on the study of victimology. The authors first introduce traditional victimology theories, the measurement of crime, and both civil and criminal processes. Next, they discuss responses to victimization, including techniques for empowering victims. They next turn to special types of victims, including the elderly, the disabled, and gay and lesbian victims. Finally, they thoroughly review the civil remedies available to crime victims.


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