Test Bank Supervision 9th Edition Samuel Certo

Test Bank Supervision 9th Edition Samuel Certo

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Test Bank Supervision 9th Edition Samuel Certo

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Modern Supervision: New Era Challenge
Chapter 2: Ensuring High Quality
Chapter 3: Teamwork: Emphasizing Powerful Meetings
Chapter 4: Meeting High Ethical Standards
Chapter 5: Managing Diversity
Chapter 6: Reaching Goals and Objectives
Chapter 7: Organizing and Authority
Chapter 8: The Supervisor as Leader
Chapter 9: Problem Solving and Decision Making
Chapter 10: Communication
Chapter 11: Motivating Employees
Chapter 12: Supervising “Problem” Employees
Chapter 13: Managing Time and Stress
Chapter 14: Managing Conflict and Change
Chapter 15: Selecting Employees
Chapter 16: Providing Orientation and Training
Chapter 17: Appraising Performance
Chapter 18: The Impact of the Law
Chapter 19: Improving Productivity

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Certo’s Supervision: Concepts and Skill-Building 8e prepares students to be supervisors in a challenging modern workplace. It is based on the premise that organizational variables including diversity in the workforce, computer and communication technology, and the design of organization structures are constantly changing. Overall, this text focuses on discussing important supervision concepts and providing fundamental skills necessary for applying these concepts. Students will learn the critical role of a supervisor in an organization and the abilities needed to be successful.


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