Test Bank OM 2nd Edition Collier


Test Bank OM 2nd Edition Collier

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Test Bank OM 2nd Edition Collier

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Epidemiological Apporaches to Population Health – Stephen Bezruchka
Chapter 2: Sociological Perspectives on Health and Health Care – Ivy Lynn Bourgeault
Chapter 3: Health and Health Care: A Political Economy Perspective – David Coburn
Chapter 4: The Right to Health: Human Rights Approaches to Health – Marcia Rioux
Chapter 5: Researching Health: Knowledge Paradigms, Methodologies, and Methods – Toba Bryant, Dennis Raphael, and Marcia Rioux
Chapter 6: Social Determinants of Health: An Overview of Concepts and Issues – Dennis Raphael
Chapter 7: Social Class and Health Inequalities – Julie McMullin and Lorraine Davies
Chapter 8: Gender, Race, and Health Inequalities – Ann Pederson, Dennis Raphael, and Ellisa Johnson
Chapter 9: Politics, Public Policy, and Health Inequalities – Toba Bryant
Chapter 10: Cracks in the Foundation: The Origins and Development of the Canadian and American Health Care Systems – Georgina Feldberg, Robert Vipond, and Toba Bryant
Chapter 11: Evolution of Health Care Policy: Deconstructing Divergent Approaches – Mary E. Wiktorowicz
Chapter 12: The Provision of Care: Professions, Politics, and Profit – Ivy Lynn Bourgeault
Chapter 13: Gender, Health, and Care – Pat Armstrong
Chapter 14: Constructing Disability and Illness – Marcia Rioux and Tamara Daly
Chapter 15: Pharmaceutical Policy: The Dance between Industry, Government, and the Medical Profession – Joel Lexchin
Chapter 16: The Political Economy of Public Health: Public Health Concerns in Canada, the U.S., U.K., Norway, and Sweden – Dennis Raphael and Toba Bryant
Chapter 17: Toward the Future: Current Themes in Health Research and Practice in Canada – Toba Bryant, Dennis Raphael, and Marcia Rioux

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Created through a “student-tested, faculty-approved” review process with input from more than 150 students and faculty, OM3 provides a streamlined introduction to the core concepts, techniques, and applications of contemmporary operations management. This concise, engaging, and accessible text includes a full suite of integrated learning tools–including flashcards, cases, datasets, games, and quizzes–in a convenient and affordable package perfect for today’s diverse learners. OM3 contains updated examples featuring companies students will know from the news, as well as videos for every chapter, new case studies, and end-of-chapter problems, with more new material available online. Five additional chapters are available on the website for instructors who want to go further into the quantitative aspects of operations management.


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