Test Bank Introduction to Finance 15th Edition Melicher

Test Bank Introduction to Finance 15th Edition Melicher

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Test Bank Introduction to Finance 15th Edition Melicher

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Financial Environment
Chapter 2: Money and the Monetary System
Chapter 3: Banks and Other Financial Institutions
Chapter 4: Federal Reserve System
Chapter 5: Policy Makers and the Money Supply
Chapter 6: International Finance and Trade
Chapter 7: Savings and Investment Process
Chapter 8: Interest Rates
Chapter 9: Time Value of Money
Chapter 10: Bonds and Stocks
Chapter 11: Securities Markets
Chapter 12: Financial Return and Risk Concepts
Chapter 13: Business Organization and Financial Data
Chapter 14: Financial Analysis and Long-Term Financial
Chapter 15: Managing Working Capital
Chapter 16: Short-Term Business Financing
Chapter 17: Capital Budgeting Analysis
Chapter 18: Capital Structure and the Cost of Capital


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Business managers will gain a basic understanding of the complex world of finance with Introduction to Finance: Markets, Investments, and Financial Management, 15th Edition. This text presents a balanced survey of the three main areas of finance: institutions and markets, investments, and financial management. The examples have been completely updated throughout to provide the most relevant information. Discussions of small business practice help them gain a better understanding of small business applications. More focus is placed on ethics to reflect the headlines in today’s news. Additional end-of-chapter questions and career-profile features also enable business managers to connect the material to the real world.


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