Test Bank Human Genetics 11th Edition Ricki Lewis


Test Bank Human Genetics 11th Edition Ricki Lewis

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Test Bank Human Genetics 11th Edition Ricki Lewis

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 What is in a Human Genome?
Chapter 2 Cells
Chapter 3 Meiosis, Development and Aging
Chapter 4 Single-Gene Inheritance
Chapter 5 Beyond Mendel’s Laws
Chapter 6 Matters of Sex
Chapter 7 Multifactorial Traits
Chapter 8 Genetics of Behavior
Chapter 9 DNA Structure and Replication
Chapter 10 Gene Action: From DNA to Protein
Chapter 11 Gene Expression and Epigenetics
Chapter 12 Gene Mutation
Chapter 13 Chromosomes
Chapter 14 Constant Allele Frequencies
Chapter 15 Changing Allele Frequencies
Chapter 16 Human Ancestry and Evolution
Chapter 17 Genetics of Immunity
Chapter 18 Cancer Genetics and Genomics
Chapter 19 Genetic Technologies: Patenting, Modifying, and Monitoring DNA
Chapter 20 Genetic Testing and Treatment
Chapter 21 Reproductive Technologies
Chapter 22 Genomics

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Today, human genetics is for everyone. It is about variation more than about illnesses, and increasingly about the common rather than about the rare. Once an obscure science or an occasional explanation for an odd collection of symptoms, human genetics is now part of everyday conversation. By coming to know genetic backgrounds, people can control their environments in more healthy ways. Genetic knowledge is, therefore, both informative and empowering. The 10th edition of Human Genetics: Concepts and Applications shows students how and why that is true.


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