Test Bank Health Care Economics 7th Edition Feldstein

Test Bank Health Care Economics 7th Edition Feldstein

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Test Bank Health Care Economics 7th Edition Feldstein

Table of Contents

1. An Introduction to the Economics of Medical Care.
2. The Role of Government in Health and Medical Care.
3. Health Policy and the Legislative Marketplace.
4. The Production of Health: The Impact of Medical Services on Health.
5. An Overview of the Medical Care Sector.
6. The Demand for Medical Care.
7. The Demand for Health Insurance.
8. The Supply of Medical Care: An Overview.
9. Market Competition in Medical Care.
10. The Market for Health Insurance: Its Performance and Structure.
11. The Physician Services Market.
12. The Market for Hospital Services.
13. The Pharmaceutical Industry.
14. Health Manpower Shortages and Surpluses: Definitions, Measurement, and Policies.
15. The Market for Physician Manpower.
16. The Market for Medical Education: Equity and Efficiency.
17. The Market for Registered Nurses.
18. National Health Insurance: An Approach to the Redistribution of Medical Care.
19. Concluding Comments on the Economics of Medical Care.


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Delivering the most detailed and exhaustive content available, market-leading HEALTH CARE ECONOMICS, 7th Edition demonstrates how basic economic concepts, principles, and theories can be used to think about and illustrate various health care issues. This introductory economics text is geared toward graduate students who will be medical and health services managers, administrators, or executives. The seventh edition of HEALTH CARE ECONOMICS includes recent data on the medical sector, updated figures and tables, the latest information on legislative changes affecting this industry, and new literature and research. It also provides an insightful historical perspective within which these changes are occurring.


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