Test Bank Environmental Law 7th Edition Kubasek

Test Bank Environmental Law 7th Edition Kubasek

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Test Bank Environmental Law 7th Edition Kubasek

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The American Legal System: The Source of Environmental Law
Chapter 2. The Litigation Process and Other Tools for Resolving Environmental Disputes
Chapter 3. Administrative Law and Its Impact on the Environment
Chapter 4. An Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy
Chapter 5. Air-Quality Control
Chapter 6. Water-Quality Control
Chapter 7. Controlling Toxic Substances
Chapter 8. Waste Management and Hazardous Releases
Chapter 9. Energy
Chapter 10. Natural Resources
Chapter 11. International Environmental Law


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Environmental Law is designed to introduce those without any legal or special scientific training to the system through which the nation attempts to preserve and protect the different aspects of our environment.
The seventh edition has been updated to include the new laws and policy that have been put into place under the Obama Administration.


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