Test Bank Consumer Behavior 6th Edition Hoyer

Test Bank Consumer Behavior 6th Edition Hoyer

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Test Bank Consumer Behavior 6th Edition Hoyer

Table of Contents

1. Understanding Consumer Behavior.
2. Motivation, Ability, and Opportunity.
3. Exposure, Attention, and Perception.
4. Memory, Knowledge, and Comprehension.
5. Attitudes Based on High Effort.
6. Attitudes Based on Low Effort.
7. Problem Recognition and Information Search.
8. Judgment and Decision Making Based on High Effort.
9. Judgment and Decision Making Based on Low Effort.
10. Post-Decision Processes.
11. Social Influences on Consumer Behavior.
12. Consumer Diversity.
13. Household and Social Class Influences.
14. Psychographics: Values, Personality, and Lifestyles.
15. Innovations: Adoption, Resistance, Diffusion.
16. Symbolic Consumer Behavior.
17. Ethics, Social Responsibility, and the Consumer Society.

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CONSUMER BEHAVIOR combines a foundation in key concepts from marketing, psychology, sociology, and anthropology with a highly practical focus on real-world applications for today’s business environment. The new edition of this popular, pioneering text incorporates the latest cutting-edge research and current business practices, including extensive coverage of social media influences, increased consumer power, emerging neuroscience findings, and emotion in consumer decision making. In addition, the Sixth Edition includes an increased emphasis on social responsibility and ethics in marketing. With even more real-world examples and application exercises, including new opening examples and closing cases in every chapter, CONSUMER BEHAVIOR provides a thorough, yet engaging and enjoyable guide to this essential subject, enabling students and professionals alike to master the skills they need to succeed.


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