Test Bank Cognitive Psychology 7th Edition Solso

Test Bank Cognitive Psychology 7th Edition Solso

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Test Bank Cognitive Psychology 7th Edition Solso

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Cognitive Psychology.
2. Cognitive Neuroscience.
3. Perception and Attention.
4. Pattern Recognition.
5. States of Consciousness.
6. Memory Processes..
7. Memory Models.
8. Mnemonics and Experts.
9. The Representation of Knowledge.
10. Mental Imagery.
11. Language: Structure and Abstractions.
12. Language: Words and Reading.
13. Cognitive Development.
14. Thinking: Concept Formation, Logic, and Decision Making.
15. Thinking: Problem Solving, Creativity, and Human Intelligence.
16. Computerized Cognition: Artificial Intelligence.

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New Technology for Solso/MacLin/MacLin’s Cognitive Psychology, Seventh Edition CogSim is a multimedia simulation resource that can be used as a supplement to your course in Cognitive Psychology to engage students and to reinforce learning. With simulations designed to illustrate the key concepts in Cognitive Psychology, CogSim helps students to better understand and retain information from your course. Powered by CourseCompass’¢, CogSim also contains a complete suite of course management tools to help you administer your course. In addition to exciting simulations, students have unlimited access to Research Navigator’¢, Allyn & Bacon’s online database of journals and periodicals to help them research important topics in psychology. Research Navigator’¢ contains peer reviewed journals and magazines, as well as archived editions of The New York Times and the Financial Times. Simulations in CogSim How Good Is Your Cognitive Map? Distinguishing Dependent and Independent Variables. Distinguishing Figure from Ground. Experiencing the Stroop Effect. The Serial Position Curve. The Mind’s Organization of Conceptual Knowledge. Lexical Bias in Slips of the Tongue. How Good Is Your Memory for Stories? Intuition and Discovery in Problem Solving. Anchoring and Adjustment in Problem Solving. For more information, contact your local Allyn & Bacon publisher’s representative today!


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