Test Bank Close Encounters 3rd Edition Guerrero


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Test Bank Close Encounters 3rd Edition Guerrero

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Test Bank Close Encounters 3rd Edition Guerrero

Table of Contents

1. Conceptualizing Relational Communication: Definitions and Principles The Field of Personal Relationships: A Brief History Relationships Principles of Interpersonal Communication Principles of Relational Communication Summary and Application Discussion Questions
2. Communicating Identity: The Social Self The Development Personal Identity Principles of Identity Management Communicating Identity to Others Summary and Application Discussion Questions
3. Drawing People Together: Forces of Social Attraction Defining Attraction A Framework for Understanding Attraction Personal Variables Related to Attraction Other People’s Qualities Interpersonal Chemistry Between People Environmental Features Related to Attraction Summary and Application Discussion Questions
4. Making Sense of Our World: Managing Uncertainty Defining Uncertainty How do People Manage Uncertainty? Does Having More Information Always Reduce Uncertainty? Models of Uncertainty in Relationships Application and Summary Discussion Questions
5. Getting Closer: Initiating and Intensifying Relationships How People Form and Develop New Relationships Self-Disclosure Stages of Relationship Development First Dates and Cohabitation The Turning Point Approach Summary and Application Discussion Questions 6. Communicating Closeness: Affection, Immediacy, and Social Support Closeness in Relationships Affectionate Communication Affectionate Exchange Theory Immediacy Behaviors Cognitive Valence Theory Comfort and Social Support Sex Differences in the Experience and Expression of Closeness Summary and Application Discussion Questions
7. Making a Love Connection Styles of Love and Attachment What is Love? Love Styles Attachment Theory Summary and Application Discussion Questions
8. Communicating Sexually: The Closest Physical Encounter Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors Communication Patterns Sexual Coercion and Harassment Sexual Satisfaction: Misconceptions and Realities Communication and Safe Sex Summary and Application Discussion Questions
9. Staying Close: Maintaining Relationships Defining Relational Maintenance Behaviors Used to Maintain Relationships Maintenance Behavior in Romantic Relationships Maintenance Behavior in Same-Sex Friendships Maintenance Behavior in Cross-Sex Friendships Maintenance Behavior in Friends with Benefits Relationships Maintenance Behavior in Long-Distance Relationships The Dialectical Perspective Summary and Application Discussion Questions
10. Exchanging Rewards and Costs: Interdependence and Equity in Relationships Interdependence Theory The Investment Model Equity Theory Summary and Application Discussion Questions
11. Influencing Each Other: Power Plays and Dominance Moves Defining Power and Related Terms Power Principles Interpersonal Influence Goals Verbal Power Ploys Nonverbal Positions of Power Power and Influence in Families Summary and Application Discussion Questions
12. Getting Too Close for Comfort: Privacy and Secrets in Relationships Communication Privacy Management Theory Negotiating Privacy Boundaries in Relationships Obsessive Relational Intrusion Topic Avoidance and Secret Keeping Consequences of Topic Avoidance Summary and Application Discussion Questions
13. Hurting the Ones We Love: Relational Transgressions Hurt Feelings in Relationships Infidelity Jealousy Deception Hurtful Messages The Aftermath of Hurtful Events Summary and Application Discussion Questions
14. Coping with Conflict: When Relational Partners Disagree Conflict in Relationships Conflict Styles Patterns of Conflict Interaction Explanations for Conflict Patterns Summary and Application Discussion Questions
15. Ending Relationships: Disengagement and Termination Why Relationships End Communication as a Cause of Relational Breakup Models of the Diseng

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Close Encounters: Communication in Relationships, Fourth Edition
tAkes a relational approach to the study of interpersonal communication by focusing on issues that are central to describing and understanding close relationships.
Although the primary focus is on communication research, this book emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of the study of personal relationships by including research from various disciplines such as social psychology and family studies. Organized using a developmental approach, the authors first look at initial interaction and relational escalation, then move on to issues related to maintaining intimate relationships, and finally focus on challenges relational partners face, including relationship endings.

About the Author

Laura K. Guerrero has been at Arizona State since 1996 where she teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses on relational communication, nonverbal communication, statistics, and research methods. Her research focuses on communication in close relationships, emphasizing nonverbal messages, emotion, and the “dark” and “bright” sides of interpersonal communication. She is the co-author/co-editor of Nonverbal Communication in Close Relationships (Erlbaum), The Nonverbal Communication Reader, Third Edition (Waveland Press), Nonverbal Communication (Pearson), and the Handbook of Communication and Emotion (Academic Press).

Peter Andersen (PhD, Florida State University) is a professor at San Diego State University. The author of five books and more than 150 book chapters, research papers, and journal articles, he has received recognition as one of the 100 most published scholars in the field of communication.

Walid A. Afifi (PhD, University of Arizona) is professor in the Department of Communication at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he teaches interpersonal communication, relational communication, nonverbal communication, and social marketing. His research revolves around people’s experience of uncertainty and their decisions to seek or avoid information in relational contexts.


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