Solution Manual Western Civilization 7th Edition Noble

Solution Manual Western Civilization 7th Edition Noble

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Solution Manual Western Civilization 7th Edition Noble

Table of Contents

1. The Ancestors of the West. 
2. The Ship, the Sword, and the Book: Western Asia ca. 1500-400 B.C. 
3. The Greeks in the Polis to ca. 350 B.C.
4. Alexander the Great and the Spread of Greek Civilization, ca. 350–30 B.C.
5. Rome, from Republic to Empire. 
6. Imperial Rome, 31 B.C.–A.D. 284.
7. The World of Late Antiquity, 284–ca. 600. 
8. Early Medieval Civilizations, 600–900. 
9. The Expansion of Europe in the High Middle Ages, 900–1300.
10. Medieval Civilization at Its Height, 900–1300.
11. Crisis and Recovery in Late Medieval Europe, 1300–1500.
12. The Renaissance.
13. European Overseas Expansion to 1600.
14. The Age of the Reformation.
15. Europe in the Age of Religious Wars, 1560–1648.
16. Europe in the Age of Louis XIV, ca. 1640–1715. 
17. A Revolution in Worldview.
18. Europe on the Threshold of Modernity, ca. 1715–1789.
19. An Age of Revolution, 1789–1815.
20. The Industrial Transformation of Europe, 1750–1850.
21. Restoration, Reform, and Revolution, 1814–1848.
22. Nationalism and Political Reform, 1850–1880.
23. The Age of Optimism, 1850–1880.
24. Imperialism and Escalating Tensions, 1880–1914.
25. War and Revolution, 1914–1919.
26. The Illusion of Stability, 1919–1930. 
27. The Tortured Decade, 1930–1939.
28. The Era of the Second World War, 1939–1949.
29. The Age of the Cold War, 1949–1989.
30. A Continuing Experiment: The West and the World Since 1989.

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Europe’s place in the world throughout the narrative and in the primary source feature, “The Global Record.” The seventh edition has been carefully revised and edited for greater accessibility, and features a streamlined design that incorporates pedagogical features such as focus questions, key terms, and section summaries to better support students of western civilization. The reconceived narrative and restructured organization, featuring smaller, more cohesive learning units, lend to greater ease of use for both students and instructors. History CourseMate, a set of media-rich study tools with interactive eBook that gives students access to quizzes, flashcards, primary sources, videos and more, are available for this new edition. (CourseMate may be bundled with the text or purchased separately.) Available in the following split options: WESTERN CIVILIZATION: BEYOND BOUNDARIES, Seventh Edition Complete, Volume I: To 1715, Volume II: Since 1560, Volume A: To 1500, Volume B: 1300-1815, and Volume C: Since 1789.9.


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