Solution Manual Technical Communication 8th Edition Pfeiffer

Solution Manual Technical Communication 8th Edition Pfeiffer

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Solution Manual Technical Communication 8th Edition Pfeiffer

Table of Contents

1. Technical Communication in the Workplace
2. Process in Technical Communication
3. Collaboration and Writing
4. Organizing Information
5. Document Design
6. Correspondence
7. Definitions and Descriptions
8. Process Explanations and Instructions
9. Technical Research
10. Formatting Reports and Proposals
11. Reports for Information and Analysis
12. Proposals and White Papers
13. Graphics
14. Web Pages and Writing for the Web
15. Presentations
16. The Job Search
17. Style in Technical Writing

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For courses in Technical Communication. Emphasizing the connection between writing and context, Technical Communication: A Practical Approach 8e uses a fictional company (M-Global) and students’ own school and workplace settings to introduce the common genres of technical communication. Featuring numbered guidelines and an ABC format, the book shows how to write a variety of technical documents including business proposals, white papers, scripts, research reports, digital documents and more! This edition features earlier coverage of collaboration, more on software tools, expanded ABC formats, and the innovative MyTechCommLab website.


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