Solution Manual Project Management 4th Edition Pinto


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Solution Manual Project Management 4th Edition Pinto

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Solution Manual Project Management 4th Edition Pinto

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction: Why Project Management? 
Chapter 2 The Organizational Context: Strategy, Structure, and Culture 
Chapter 3 Project Selection and Portfolio Management 
Chapter 4 Leadership and the Project Manager 
Chapter 5 Scope Management 
Chapter 6 Project Team Building, Conflict, and Negotiation 
Chapter 7 Risk Management 
Chapter 8 Cost Estimation and Budgeting 
Chapter 9 Project Scheduling: Networks, Duration Estimation, and Critical Path 
Chapter 10 Project Scheduling: Lagging, Crashing, and Activity Networks 
Chapter 11 Critical Chain Project Scheduling 
Chapter 12 Resource Management 
Chapter 13 Project Evaluation and Control 
Chapter 14 Project Closeout and Termination 


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Project Management Fundamentals with Broad Applications In its Fourth Edition , Project Management: Achieving Competitive Advantage takes a contemporary, decisive, and business-oriented approach to teaching and learning project management. Blending current theory, contemporary case studies, and hands-on practice and research, Project Management offers students a full range of perspectives of the project management process.

To promote a comprehensive, multi-industry understanding of the text, the author addresses project management theory within the context of a variety of successful organizations, whether they be publicly held, private, or nonprofit. Comprehensive case analysis and detailed exercises give students the tools to assess projects in real-time, equipping them with razor-sharp decision-making skills. Leveraging the latest project management technology, Project Management features just the right balance of real-world examples, cutting-edge theory, and practical exercises.


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