Solution Manual Introduction to Accounting 6th Edition Ainsworth


Solution Manual Introduction to Accounting 6th Edition Ainsworth

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Solution Manual Introduction to Accounting 6th Edition Ainsworth

Table of Contents

1. Accounting and Business
2. Business Processes and Accounting Information
3. Operating Processes: Planning and Control
4. Short-Term Decision Making
5. Strategic Planning Regarding Operating Processes
6. Planning, the Balanced Scorecard, and Budgeting
7. Accounting Information Systems
8. Purchasing/Human Resources/Payment Process: Recording and Evaluating Expenditure Process Activities
9. Recording and Evaluating Conversion Process Activities
10. Marketing/Sales/Collection/Customer Support Process: Recording and Evaluating Revenue Process Activities
11. Time Value of Money
12. Planning Investments: Capital Budgeting
13. Planning Equity Financing
14. Planning Debt Financing
15. Recording and Evaluating Capital Resource Process Activities: Financing
16. Recording and Evaluating Capital Resource Process Activities: Investing
17. Company Performance: Profitability
18. Company Performance: Owners’ Equity and Financial Position
19. Company Performance: Cash Flows
20. Company Performance: Comprehensive Evaluation


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This textbook integrates Financial and Managerial Accounting as opposed to keeping these areas separate, the approach followed by most books and curriculums. By “integration”, we mean the authors focus on the business process and examine the activities from both an external, financial reporting perspective and an internal, management decision-making perspective. The text incorporates real world applications, including actual financial statements, to reinforce the relevance of topics to real business situations and promote student interest. The text also promotes active learning through Enhance Your Understanding “probing” questions placed sporadically throughout many chapters, Of Interest boxes that provide additional information relating to the chapter concepts, Fast Fact boxes that provide additional information related to chapter concepts in a short, trivia-like manner, and end-of-chapter group exercises.

About the Authors
Penne Ainsworth, Ph.D., CPA, CMA, and CIA. Penne received her Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska and is the Chairperson and professor in the Department of Accounting and Associate Dean for the College of Business at the University of Wyoming. She received the Senior Teaching Award in the College of Business in 1998, 2000, and 2003 and the John P. Ellbogen Meritorious Classroom Teaching Award for the University of Wyoming in 2001. She also received the Kansas State Bank Outstanding Teacher Award in 1993. Penne co-authored the original application for the grant Kansas State University received from the Accounting Education Change Commission (AECC) and authored three additional grants for accounting education and assessment. Her research focuses on managerial accounting, accounting education, and assessment. Penne’s work has been published in Issues in Accounting Education and other journals. She is a member of the AAA, the IMA, and the Wyoming Society of CPAs.

Dan Deines received his undergraduate degree in history from Fort Hays State University, a masters in business from Emporia State University, and his Ph.D. in accounting from the University of Nebraska. He has been at Kansas State University since 1982 and currently is the Ralph Crouch, KPMG Professor of Accounting. Dan received the College of Business’s Outstanding Educator Award in 1987 and in 1994 received the College of Business Outstanding Advising Award. He was the co-coordinator for Kansas State University’s accounting curriculum revision sponsored by the American Education Change Commission. Dan was president of the Kansas Society of CPAs for 2003–2004; he was designated an academic pathfinder by the AICPA and in May 2007 received the AICPA’s Distinguished Achievement in Accounting Education Award. He is a member of the AAA and a cofounder of the Banner Road Hunt Club of Collyer, Kansas.


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