Solution Manual Forensic Accounting 1st Edition Hopwood


Solution Manual Forensic Accounting 1st Edition Hopwood

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Solution Manual Forensic Accounting 1st Edition Hopwood

Table of Contents

1.An Introduction to Forensic Accounting
2.The Forensic Accounting Legal Environment
3.Forensic Accounting, the Organization, and the Information System
4. The Auditing Environment5. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002
6.Forensic Science and Information Technology
7.Information Security
8.Forensic Auditing and Investigation
9.Financial Statement Fraud
10.Fraud Against the Organization: Employee, Vendor, and Other Schemes
11.Tax Fraud
12.Bankruptcy, Divorce, and Identity theft
13.Organized Crime and Terrorism Investigations
14.Business Valuation
15.Dispute Resolution and Litigation Services

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Grounded firmly in real-world practice, Forensic Accounting provides the most comprehensive view of fraud investigation on the market. Where other books focus almost entirely on auditing and financial reporting, Hopwood includes a vast range of civil and criminal accounting fraud and related activities, from false business valuations and employer fraud to information security and counter-terrorism. The author team’s experience in fraud investigation lends the book a real-world perspective unmatched by any other textbook.


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