Solution Manual Contemporary Financial Management 10th Edition Moyer

Solution Manual Contemporary Financial Management 10th Edition Moyer

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Solution Manual Contemporary Financial Management 10th Edition Moyer

Table of Contents

1. The Role and Objective of Financial Management.
2. The Domestic and International Financial Marketplace.
3. Evaluation of Financial Performance.
4. Financial Planning and Forecasting.
5. The Time Value of Money.
6. Analysis of Risk and Return.
7. Fixed-Income Securities: Characteristics and Valuation.
8. Common Stock: Characteristics, Valuation, and Issuance.
9. Capital Budgeting and Cash Flow Analysis.
10. Capital Budgeting: Decision Criteria and Real Option Considerations.
11. Capital Budgeting and Risk.
12. The Cost of Capital.
13. Capital Structure Concepts.
14. Capital Structure Management in Practice.
15. Dividend Policy.
16. Working Capital Policy and Short-Term Financing.
17. The Management of Cash and Marketable Securities.
18. Management of Accounts Receivable and Inventories.
19. Lease and Intermediate Term Financing.
20. Financing with Derivatives.
21. Risk Management.
22. International Financial Management.
23. Corporate Restructuring.


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The tenth edition of this successful text provides a comprehensive and contemporary introduction to financial management, focusing on shareholder wealth maximization and cash flow management, the international aspects of financial management, the ethical behavior of managers, and the increased impact of the Internet in business practice. In addition, content has been added or enhanced to reflect the changing focus on finance areas including topics such as risk management, behavioral finance, the effects of inflation on financial decision-making, ethics in business, and real options.


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