Solution Manual Analyzing Politics 2nd Edition Shepsle


Solution Manual Analyzing Politics 2nd Edition Shepsle

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Solution Manual Analyzing Politics 2nd Edition Shepsle

Table of Contents

1. It Isn’t Rocket Science, but…
2. Rationality: The Model of Choice
3. Getting Started with Group Choice Analysis
4. Group Choice and Majority Rule
5. Spatial Models of Majority Rule
6. Strategic Behavior: Sophistication, Misrepresentation, and Manipulation
7. Voting Methods and Electoral Systems
8. Cooperation
9. Collective Action
10. Public Goods, Externalities, and the Commons
11. Institutions: General Remarks
12. Legislatures
13. Bureaucracy and Intergovernmental Relations
14. Leadership
15. Courts and Judges
16. Cabinet Government and Parliamentary Democracy
17. Final Lessons

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Analyzing Politics makes the fundamentals of rational-choice theory accessible to undergraduates in clear, nontechnical language. Through case studies, illustrations, and examples, the author provides students with the means to analyze a wide variety of situations. The Second Edition has been thoroughly revised to include updated cases and examples, new problem sets and discussion questions, and new “Experimental Corner” sections at the end of many chapters, describing experiments from social science literature.


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